Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sissified to do the housework

After a drunken evening when they'd put makeup on Tim for a laugh, his housemates decided that they wanted him to be more girly all the time.

They waited until he was out one day and had a house meeting to discuss how they would turn him into their frilly, sissy maid. They agreed unanimously that he would look perfect in a sexy satin maid uniform, looking after the house for them.

When Tim got home they pounced on him and tore his clothes off before marching him to the bathroom to be shaved and then put into sexy panties and stockings and an even sexier maid dress.

Tim tried protesting but he had no chance of resisting the three girls and they kept him off balance with the speed they were feminising him and their constant chatter about how it had been a unanimous vote for him to be the maid.

Soon enough they had Tim in his new dress doing his chores as they watched, giggled and made suggestions.

Tim thought that all he had to do was put up with it for a while until they'd had their fun, not knowing that the girls intended this to be a permanent change in the house.

He finished the dusting. "Just one more chore then I can change back into my own clothes," thought Tim as the girls forced him to go outside the house to take the rubbish out. "It will all be over soon."

What Tim didn't know was that the girls had put all his male clothes in the rubbish bags he was taking out...

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Anonymous said...

My boyfriend, lost a sports bet to me and my girlfriends over basketball finals!" The bet was if we lose we become his serving wenches!" He lost, Our sissy,"French Maid" " Ooh la la.......Zee maid will be put to " Z work!" Hee, Haa"wearing Z ruffle panties!" Z fishnet stockings, Z spike heels shoes too!" It's so tear-riffic " ha, hee, hee, Nadine L.