Friday, 22 August 2014

Forced to wear a girly uniform at work

Tim hadn't noticed the giggles and the whispered comments as he'd happily voted for the girls to wear this new uniform. He also hadn't noticed that there had been no mention of what the 'male' uniform would be. He'd just assumed that the dress would be for the girls and that he would continue wearing his white shirt and black trousers.

He was surprised that the girls were so enthusiastic about the sexy, incredibly short dress - blissfully unaware that he was voting on a new uniform for all the waiting staff. Tim had no idea that they had all discussed what they wanted to see him wearing to work and agreed that they wanted to make him dress as a girl. The new uniform was chosen entirely for the purpose of forcing Tim into a sexy dress.

Of course Tim complained about wearing a dress but the vote for the new uniform had been unanimous, so his complaints were hardly justified when he had actually voted in favour of wearing it. Now he had the simple choice between wearing a dress to serve customers or losing his job. Before he had a chance to protest much more, the girls had dragged him into the changing room, stripped him and put him in his sexy new dress with a beautiful pair of lacy white satin panties underneath.

As they dragged him back out into the restaurant ready for opening time, he desperately tried (and failed!) to tug the hem of his dress down far enough to keep his panties adequately covered. Was it his imagination or was his dress at least four or five inches shorter than the dresses the girls were wearing...? His dress barely covered his panties but the girls' skirts seemed to come almost to their knees.

The girls were in fits of laughter all night watching Tim nervously serving gleeful customers and hearing his girlish squeals whenever someone flipped his skirt up to see his panties or pinched his bottom when he accidentally exposed his sexy underwear.

Tim complained about his dress every chance he got but the girls just kept telling him that he looked sexy in his new uniform and how much prettier his new dress was than his normal clothes. When he complained that only waitresses should have to wear a dress, he was informed that his job description was being changed to 'waitress' and that he'd need to sign a new contract as a waitress.

Phase one of the plan had worked perfectly. Soon it would be time for phase two.

After a week or so ignoring Tim's complaints and his begging not to wear the dress, the owner of the restaurant pretended to relent. She promised one last, absolutely final vote on uniform. Tim again failed to notice that there was still no mention of male uniform as they voted to replace the dress with black trousers and white shirt.

Too late he caught on that they had tricked him into voting to only change the girls' uniform. As the girls dragged him sobbing into the changing room to strip him and force him into his panties and dress, Tim realised that from now on he was officially a waitress and would be the only member of staff wearing the embarrassingly sexy little dress while all the girls wore trousers and shirts...

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